With Noviqu Ensight

  • improve the way you train employees.
  • reduce the amount of safety incidents.
  • increase transparency within your facility.
  • improve your maintenance workflows.
  • gain deeper insights into your facility.
  • continuously engage your employees.
  • know your facility inside and out.
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Powering safety, training and maintenance processes for

So, what does Noviqu Ensight do anyway?

Other than make your facility awesome...

Track Safety Incidents

Create and track safety near-misses, incidents or potential problems using your customized templates.

Track Maintenance Requests

Request preventative and repair maintenance requests.

Individual Training

Assign Training to your employees and watch them progress.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Create and schedule preventative maintenance to meet your company’s needs.

Create and Maintain Checklists

Create pre, during, or post work checklists for safety, maintenance and quality assurance.

Engage Employees

Use challenges, points and levels to engage and reward employees on the job.

Gain Valuable Insights

Create robust reports and learn just how well your facility is performing.

Workplace Advancement

Put workplace advancement into the hands of your employees by setting level requirements.

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Our application works on any device and integrates with common ERP systems.

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